Delivery Partners


Founded in 2017, The Field Institute works with businesses, non-profits, and government bodies to increase their performance through customer- centric, digitally enabled strategy and digital skills development for their teams.

The Field is also dedicated to digital skills development for young people. the Field Institute's non-profit, The Field Lab, provides participants with project-based learning (PBL) opportunities for developing, practising, and embedding the skills and techniques needed for success in the world of work and in evolving 21st century life.

The pioneering online programme, Rocket School, was launched by The Field Lab in 2020. Rocket School invited young people between the ages of 7-17 from around the world to join live, online sessions in coding, design thinking and collaborative problem-solving camps.

d-lab is a major programme of The Field Lab. Planning started in 2021 and the first student cohort was launched in 2022.


For the past 17 years, LEAP has provided student-centred, maths and science-focused education to economically disadvantaged students from grades 8 to 12. LEAP focuses on enabling the self- awareness necessary for each student’s growth to healthy adulthood, and to ensuring optimal academic results which will allow for choices for lifelong learning and a fulfilling future.

The LEAP learning programme is unique and self-liberating because LEAP purposefully leads students on a journey of learning through which they discover the capacity to take charge of their own lives. LEAP's results show that 95% of their students have passed matric and 79% of have degrees or diplomas or are continuing with higher education.


Tenaka is an experienced design consultancy. We help organisations increase engagement by enhancing or completely reimagining their customer and employee experiences. We use, and teach Design Thinking to uncover the deep motivations of people in order to create meaningful experiences for them while delivering business value.

Our reason for being is to bring about positive change through human-centred problem solving. Why? Quite simply, to make life better.

We design certainty.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners have invested funds, resources, time, and effort to ensure that the programme produces young people who are ready to be innovative and productive as soon as they enter the world of work. They include: